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J. Svoboda, F.D. Fischer, H. Riedel, E. Kozeschnik:
"Precipitate growth in multi-component systems with stress relaxation by diffusion and creep";
International Journal of Plasticity, 82 (2016), 112 - 126.

English abstract:
The deformation and stress state relaxation induced by the growth of a misfitting spherical precipitate embedded in a creeping matrix is studied. The precipitate and the matrix may have different elastic properties. The misfit eigenstrain in the precipitate may lead to a remarkable stress state which can be relaxed in the matrix by power-law creep. A semi-analytical solution of the problem, accounting for the interaction of the elastic and creep strain state, is provided by combining analytical solution with a numerical integration of the creep strain rate with respect to time andthe radial coordinate. This procedure provides a complete solution of the system kinetics. The approach is compared with finite element calculations utilizing the standard program package ABAQUS. Finally, also the mechanical contribution to the energetics of the precipitate growth is analysed.

Creep; Spherical Solids; Precipitates; Kinetics; Relaxation

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