M.N. Durakbasa, G. Bas, J.M. Bauer:
"Developments in Advanced Production Engineering Enabled By High Precision Metrology";
in: "Development In Machining Technology", Vol. 6; Cracow University of Technology, 2016, ISBN: 978-80-553-2576-7, S. 144 - 154.

Kurzfassung englisch:
High accuracy workpieces are created nowadays by a large variety of advanced manufacturing system and techniques. The problematic of the high accuracy of the work pieces in modern industrial production gained in the last years more and more importance through constantly increasing demands on the quality, functionality and reliability of the produced parts and quality of the production processes with higher efficiency and effectiveness. In modern intelligent metrology it is possible to use instruments capable of creating atomic resolution images of the surfaces of different specimens and 3D measurements as well as scanning of high precision parts. A sophisticated high-accuracy measurement technique can be considered as most crucial requirement for the production of industrial goods and for the production processes of high quality. On the other hand important charge of the environment, reduced availability of natural sources and the increasing growth of waste as well as energy use require new concepts and strategies. Adequate knowledge in the areas of intelligent metrology is important presuppositions to achieve waste free production and low costs of manufacturing and accuracy at the same time within the sophisticated production systems. On the basis of metrology essential measurement know how is developed and organisations are supplied with this know-how.

Precision metrology, Nanometrology, Pico/femto technology, Workpiece accuracy, Industrial environment, Advanced Multi-Functions Integrated Industry

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