H. Liu, H. Hu, J. Wang, P. Niehoff, X. He, E. Paillard, D. Eder, M. Winter, J. Li:
"Hierarchical Ternary MoO2/MoS2/Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Hybrid Materials for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Storage";
ChemElectroChem, 3 (2016), 6; S. 922 - 932.

Kurzfassung englisch:
"The synthesis and electrochemical lithium-ion storage behavior of hierarchical MoO2 /MoS2 /heteroatom-doped carbon (MoO2 / MoS2 /HD-C) ternary hybrid have been studied. This ternary hybrid is composed of ultrafine MoO2 nanowires and single/few-layer MoS2 encapsulated by heteroatom-doped carbon, constituting secondary cauliflower-like microspheres. The synthesis is achieved through the synergistic interplay of a polymer and an ionic liquid as structure-directing agents and carbon sources, using a solvothermal reaction followed by a simple thermal treatment. In this unique architecture, each component synergistically acts with a specific purpose. The HD-C matrix with abundant defects and vacancies provides fast electronic conduction as well as interfacial storage, and buffers the volume changes during charging/discharging processes. The ultrasmall dimensions of both MoO2 nanowires and single/fewlayered MoS2 components enable rapid Li+ transport in all directions, which is of great benefit to the reversibility of "conversion" reactions. The hierarchical secondary structures assure the robust stability upon long-term cycling. The ternary hybrid material exhibits enhanced Li+ -storage performance as well as reversible capacity, rate capability, and cycling stability. A high reversible specific capacity of 1147 mAh g¢1 is delivered at 50 mAg ¢1 together with excellent cycling stability, and 841 mAh g¢1 can be retained after 1000 cycles at 500 mAg ¢1

heteroatom doping lithium-ion storage molybdenum dioxide molybdenum disulfide ternary hybrid

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