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M. Nöllenburg, I. Rutter, A. Schuhmacher:
"Software Visualization via Hierarchic Micro/Macro Layouts";
Talk: The International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications IVAPP, Rom; 2016-02-27 - 2016-02-29; in: "Information Visualization Theory and Applications Conf IVAPP 2016", (2016), ISBN: 978-989-758-175-5; 153 - 160.

English abstract:
We propose a system for visualizing the structure of software in a single drawing. In contrast to previous work
we consider both the dependencies between different entities of the software and the hierarchy imposed by the
nesting of classes and packages. To achieve this, we generalize the concept of micro/macro layouts introduced
by Brandes and Baur (Baur and Brandes, 2008) to graphs that have more than two hierarchy levels. All entities
of the software (e.g., attributes, methods, classes, packages) are represented as disk-shaped regions of the plane.
The hierarchy is expressed by containment, all other relations, e.g., inheritance, functions calls and data access,
are expressed by directed edges. As in the micro/macro layouts of Brandes and Baur, edges that "traverse" the
hierarchy are routed together in channels to enhance the clarity of the layout. The resulting drawings provide an
overview of the coarse structure of the software as well as detailed information about individual components.

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