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D. Walker, C. Becker:
"Sustainability Design: Lessons from Designing A `Green Mapī";
Talk: 4th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S), Amsterdam; 2016-08-29 - 2016-09-01.

English abstract:
The prevalence of urban agriculture groups mobilizing
to create change in cities provides a rich opportunity to understand
how these communities use and can design ICTs to support
sustainability. In particular, organizations are using `green mapsī
to make visible local projects, initiatives, and features, in order to
reduce entrance barriers and increase participation. This paper
reflects on the role of ICTs in these communities as well as the
role of design in addressing sustainability concerns. It reports
on a design project that developed a green mapping platform to
ameliorate the challenges that individuals face in discovering and
participating in community-based `greenī initiatives. In order
to do so, the project adopted sustainability design principles
and a participatory approach. While preliminary evaluation
concluded the project did not achieve its original objectives,
it provided a valuable exploration of practises to address and
evaluate sustainability in design projects. It highlighted the value
of participation in processes rather than creation of technology
products and pointed to lacking support for sustainability in
current methods and techniques for systems design. The paper
ends with reflections on sustainability design opportunities for
community mapping and identifies future areas for exploration.

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