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J. Schumann, P. Moosbrugger, K. Rozier:
"R2U2: Monitoring and Diagnosis of Security Threats for Unmanned Aerial Systems";
Talk: RV 2015, the 6th International Conference on Runtime Verification, Vienna, Austria; 2015-09-22 - 2015-09-25; in: "Proc. of RV 2015, the 6th International Conference on Runtime Verification", Springer, 9333 (2015), 233 - 249.

English abstract:
We present R2U2, a novel framework for runtime monitoring of security properties and diagnosing of security threats on-board Unmanned Aerial
Systems (UAS). R2U2, implemented in FPGA hardware, is a real-time, REALIZABLE, RESPONSIVE, UNOBTRUSIVE Unit for security threat detection. R2U2 is designed to continuously monitor inputs from the GPS and the ground control station, sensor readings, actuator outputs, and flight software status. By simultaneously monitoring and performing statistical reasoning, attack patterns and post-attack discrepancies in the UAS behavior can be detected. R2U2 uses runtime observer pairs for linear and metric temporal logics for property monitoring and Bayesian networks for diagnosis of security threats.
We discuss the design and implementation that now enables R2U2 to handle security threats and present simulation results of several attack scenarios on the NASA DragonEye UAS.

runtime monitoring; Metric Temporal Logic; Linear Temporal Logic; Bayesian networks; FPGA; Security; Unmanned Aerial Systems; GPS Spoofing

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