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R. Sabou, O. Kovalenko, F. Ekaputra, S. Biffl:
"Semantic Web Solutions in Engineering";
in: "Semantic Web for Intelligent Engineering Applications", Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-319-41488-1, 281 - 296.

English abstract:
The Industrie 4.0 vision highlights the need for more flexible and
adaptable production systems. This requires making the process of engineering
production systems faster and intends to lead to higher quality, but also more
complex plants. A key issue in improving engineering processes in this direction is
providing mechanisms that can efficiently and intelligently handle large-scale and
heterogeneous engineering data sets thus shortening engineering processes while
ensuring a higher quality of the engineered system, for example, by enabling
improved cross-disciplinary defect detection mechanisms. Semantic Web technologies
(SWTs) have been widely used for the development of a range of Intelligent
Engineering Applications (IEAs) that exhibit an intelligent behavior when
processing large and heterogeneous data sets. This chapter identifies key technical
tasks performed by IEAs, provides example IEAs and discusses the connection
between Semantic Web capabilities and IEA tasks.

Intelligent engineering applications ⋅ Model integration ⋅ Model consistency management ⋅ Flexible comparison

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