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R. Sabou:
"An Introduction to Semantic Web Technologies";
in: "Semantic Web for Intelligent Engineering Applications", Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-319-41488-1, 53 - 81.

English abstract:
The process of engineering cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) relies
on the collaborative work of multiple and diverse teams of engineers who need to
exchange and synchronize data created by their domain-specific tools. Building
applications that support the CPPS engineering process requires technologies that
enable integrating and making sense of heterogeneous datasets produced by various
engineering disciplines. Are Semantic Web technologies suitable to fulfill this task?
This chapter aims to answer this question by introducing the reader to key Semantic
Web concepts in general and core Semantic Web technologies (SWT) in particular,
including ontologies, Semantic Web knowledge representation languages, and Linked
Data. The chapter concludes this technology overview with a specific focus on core
SWT capabilities that qualify them for intelligent engineering applications. These
capabilities include (i) formal and flexible semantic modeling, (ii) intelligent, web-scale
knowledge integration, (iii) browsing and exploration of distributed data sets,
(iv) knowledge quality assurance and (v) knowledge reuse.

Semantic Web technologies ⋅ Ontologies ⋅ Semantic Web languages ⋅ Reasoning ⋅ Linked Data ⋅ Semantic Web technology capabilities

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