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A. Kerren, D. Cernea, M. Pohl (ed.):
"Proceedings of EmoVis 2016, ACM IUI 2016 Workshop on Emotion and Visualization";
Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, Linköping, Schweden, 2016, ISBN: 978-91-7685-817-2; 38 pages.

English abstract:
This year, we are happy to announce the proceedings for the first Workshop on Emotion and Visualization (EmoVis 2016) that takes place as part of the ACM Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2016) conference in Sonoma, CA, USA. Planned as a bi-annual event, the Workshop on Emotion and Visualization welcomes researchers, practitioners and experts from a variety of scientific domains, including visualization, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, and multimedia.

EmoVis 2016 acts as a forum where people with diverse backgrounds can present design principles and introduce novel techniques for affect measurement and visualization. The papers accepted at this year´s workshop focus on topics like emotion measurement through wearable technologies, sound and emotion, real-time emotion visualization, emotion visualization in different contexts, as well as the challenges faced when detecting and visualizing emotions. All papers in this proceedings book have been peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers from the international program committee consisting of 12 experts listed below.

Many have contributed to make the workshop an enjoyable and enlightening experience. We would like to express our gratitude to the invited speaker, Michelle X. Zhou, and the international program committee for their commitment and reviewing efforts. Without all those great people, this workshop would not have been possible. Finally, we thank the ACM IUI 2016 organization committee for the acceptance of our workshop including local support during the conference and our sponsor for providing financial aid.

Welcome to EmoVis 2016. We hope that you enjoy the workshop and use this event to share your experiences and be inspired.

Andreas Kerren, Daniel Cernea, and Margit Pohl

Emotion, Visualization, Emotion Measurement

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