A. Brasoveanu, R. Sabou, A. Hubmann-Haidvogel, A. Scharl:
"Visualizing Statistical Linked Knowledge Sources for Decision Support";
Semantic Web, 8 (2016), 18 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Most Decision Support Systems (DSS) are tailored towards specific domains and use relevant information for certain
types of decisions. In today´s interconnected world, enriching DSS with external data about events such as financial crises and
climate change can improve the decision-making process. One method to build DSS tools that leverage such cross-domain
information is to look at the summary of these events as expressed through statistical data. Following the RDF Data Cube
(QB) standard there was an increase in the publication of such data and related visualizations, but less effort was dedicated to
integrating visualizations into analytical platforms to answer complex questions. After reviewing the relevant work in the field of
Linked Data Visualization, this paper describes: (i) a methodology to integrate cross-domain statistical data sources by applying
selected QB principles (observations and slicing, for example) to a visual dashboard; (ii) a set of visualization scenarios for
cross-domain datasets from multiple sources including Eurostat and the World Bank; and (iii) a dashboard prototype developed
following these principles and scenarios.

Linked Data, Information Visualization, Decision Support Systems, RDF Data Cube, Tourism

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