Publications in Scientific Journals:

R. Sabou, I. Önder, A. Brasoveanu:
"Towards Cross-domain Decision Making in Tourism: A Linked Data based Approach";
Journal of Information Technology and Tourism, 16 (2016), 1; 71 - 101.

English abstract:
The complexity of the social, political and economical settings in which
tourism enterprises operate, increasingly require them to perform data analytics
tasks that rely on data from various domains (e.g., economy, environmental sustainability).
A survey of tourism practitioners performed in this study showed that
although such cross-domain analytics are important, they are primarily performed
by relying on manual data collection and aggregation, which is both time-consuming
and error-prone. This paper investigates the suitability of Linked Data
technologies to support data aggregation tasks needed for establishing such complex
analytics systems. To that end, a prototypical implementation is developed that
relies on Linked Data as a technological platform for integrating data from three
major tourism data sources: TourMIS, World Bank and Eurostat. Enabled by this
integrated data, the ETIHQ Dashboard for data analytics was implemented, the first
visual data analytics system that supports cross-domain analytics over tourism,
economic and sustainability indicators. An exploratory evaluation performed with
practitioners shows that this Linked Data enabled system could potentially bring
important improvements in terms of execution times and answer quality when
compared to current manual approaches typically used by tourism practitioners in
daily practice.

Data analytics Information integration Linked data Statistical data Visual dashboard

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