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R. Sabou, F. Ekaputra, O. Kovalenko:
"Supporting the Engineering of Cyber-Physical Production Systems with the AutomationML Analyzer";
Talk: CPPS Workshop, Wien; 2016-04-12; in: "Proceedings of the CPPS Workshop", IEEE, (2016), ISBN: 978-1-5090-1156-8.

English abstract:
The engineering phase of Cyber-Physical
Production Systems (CPPS) is a multi-disciplinary process in
which representatives of diverse engineering disciplines
collaborate to deliver a complex CPPS. To ensure optimal project
management as well as to avoid risks of inconsistencies between
engineering models created by engineers from different
disciplines, support is needed for integrating and subsequently
analyzing diverse engineering data. AutomationML is an
emerging data exchange format for engineering data which
makes the first step towards the easier exchange of engineering
data. Yet, there is a lack of tool support for integrating, making
sense of and analyzing AML files. In this paper, we explore the
use of Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies to provide
extended functionality on top of AML that allows advanced data
analytics on engineering data such as intuitive browsing of
interlinked engineering models and queries for project-wide
verification and validation activities. As a result of these
investigations, we present the AutomationML Analyzer
prototypical implementation to showcase some of the
functionalities made possible by Semantic Web and Linked Data
technologies in this context.

Industrie4.0; CPPS Engineering; AutomationML; Semantic Web; Linked Data; data integration

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