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O. Kovalenko, J. Euzenat:
"Semantic Matching of Engineering Data Structures";
in: "Semantic Web for Intelligent Engineering Applications", Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-319-41488-1, 137 - 157.

English abstract:
An important element of implementing a data integration solution in
multi-disciplinary engineering settings, consists in identifying and defining relations
between the different engineering data models and data sets that need to be integrated.
The ontology matching field investigates methods and tools for discovering
relations between semantic data sources and representing them. In this chapter, we
look at ontology matching issues in the context of integrating engineering knowledge.
We first discuss what types of relations typically occur between engineering
objects inmulti-disciplinary engineering environments taking a use case in the power
plant engineering domain as a running example. We then overview available technologies
for mappings definition between ontologies, focusing on those currently
most widely used in practice and briefly discuss their capabilities for mapping representation
and potential processing. Finally, we illustrate how mappings in the sample
project in power plant engineering domain can be generated from the definitions in
the Expressive and Declarative Ontology Alignment Language (EDOAL).

Ontology matching ⋅ Correspondence ⋅ Alignment ⋅ Mapping ⋅ Ontology integration ⋅ Data transformation ⋅ Complex correspondences ⋅ Ontology mapping languages ⋅ Procedural and declarative languages ⋅ EDO

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