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A. Musil, J. Musil, S. Biffl:
"Towards Collective Intelligence System Architectures for Supporting Multi-Disciplinary Engineering of Cyber-Physical Production Systems";
Talk: CPPS Workshop, Wien; 2016-04-12; in: "Proceedings of the CPPS Workshop", IEEE, (2016), ISBN: 978-1-5090-1156-8.

English abstract:
The engineering process of Cyber-Physical Production
Systems (CPPS) involves collaboration of multiple engineering
disciplines. Major obstacles arising from these multidisciplinary
engineering processes are heterogeneous representations,
weak accumulation and integration of dispersed, local engineering
knowledge, and required effective coordination between
multi-disciplinary engineering teams across the organization.
Further, heterogeneous communication channels lead to increased
information sharing effort for individual team members, illstructured
knowledge representation and management, and poor
discoverability of business-critical know-how. These challenges
can be addressed by Collective Intelligence Systems (CIS) that enhance
engineering methods and tools in large, multi-disciplinary
projects. CIS help to identify important implicit, hard-to-access
dispersed information and engineering knowledge, make it explicit,
and promote the awareness and efficient management of
this business-critical knowledge. Therefore, this paper presents
a research agenda focusing on the systematic and empiricallygrounded
investigation of needs, basic concepts, principles, and
models of CIS software architectures in particular application
domains, and outlines expected results.

Awareness, collective intelligence, collective intelligence system, coordination, cyber-physical production systems, industrie 4.0, industry 4.0, knowledge management, software architecture, systems engineering

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