F. Aschieri:
"On Natural Deduction for Herbrand Constructive Logics I: Curry-Howard Correspondence for Dummett´s Logic LC";
Logical Methods in Computer Science, 12 (2016), 3; S. 1 - 31.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Dummett's logic LC is intuitionistic logic extended with Dummett's axiom: for every two statements the first implies the second or the second implies the first. We present a natural deduction and a Curry-Howard correspondence for first-order and second-order Dummett's logic. We add to the lambda calculus an operator which represents, from the viewpoint of programming, a mechanism for representing parallel computations and communication between them, and from the viewpoint of logic, Dummett's axiom. We prove that our typed calculus is normalizing and show that proof terms for existentially quantified formulas reduce to a list of individual terms forming an Herbrand disjunction.

Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science

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