Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

D. Wetter:
"Prevention, Treatment, and Law Enforcement in a One-State Optimal Control Model of Illicit Drug Consumption";
Supervisor: G. Tragler; E105-4, 2016; final examination: 2016-11-22.

English abstract:
A central question in drug policy is how control e orts should
be divided among enforcement, treatment, and prevention. For this
regard, Caulkins and Tragler [11] developed a model to study how
the mix of control e orts should vary dynamically over the course of
an epidemic. In this thesis, the initiation function of the model of
Caulkins and Tragler [11] is changed to a logistic growth function and
analysed for comparison. Due to some necessary adjustments of the
parameters, a precise comparison turns out to be hardly possible. The
results of the di erent sensitivity analyses regarding some parameters
and their comparison between both models are presented.

Dynamic programming/optimal control: applications to drug policy; Judicial/legal: crime and drug policy. Model comparison: power and logistic function

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