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K. Schwaiger, M. Haider:
"Desing Of A Utility Scale Solar Thermal Tower System Based On Particle Receivers And Fluidized Bed Technology";
Talk: SASEC2015 Third Southern African Solar Energy Conference, Kruger National Park, South Africa; 2015-05-11 - 2015-05-13.

English abstract:
Particles as primary heat transfer material enable dispatch
able thermal solar electricity plants with higher storage
temperatures and thus higher steam temperatures/pressures of
the power cycle can be reached; leading to higher plant
efficiencies and lower costs.
A 136 MWel dispatch able solar thermal electricity plant
with Silicon Carbide as primary heat transfer material and with
a storage capacity of 1360 MWhel is presented. Fluidization
technique is applied for the receiver and the heat-exchangers.
The key technologies are discussed as well as the challenges in
conveying/storing hot bulks and finding an efficient plant
layout. The plant design is discussed showing the huge
potential of this next generation STE-technology.

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