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K. Schwaiger, M. Haider, M. Hämmerle, P. Steiner, D. Obermaier:
"Concept of a utility scale dispatch able solar thermal electricity plant with an indirect particle receiver in a single tower layout";
Talk: SolarPACES 2015, Cape Town, South Africa; 2015-10-13 - 2015-10-16; in: "AIP Conference Proceedings", (2015), ISBN: 978-0-7354-1386-3; 1 - 10.

English abstract:
Flexible dispatch able solar thermal electricity plants applying state of the art power cycles have the potential
of playing a vital role in modern electricity systems and even participating in the ancillary market. By replacing molten
salt via particles, operation temperatures can be increased and plant efficiencies of over 45 % can be reached. In this
work the concept for a utility scale plant using corundum as storage/heat transfer material is thermodynamically modeled
and its key performance data are cited. A novel indirect fluidized bed particle receiver concept is presented, profiting
from a near black body behavior being able to heat up large particle flows by realizing temperature cycles over 500C.
Specialized fluidized bed steam-generators are applied with negligible auxiliary power demand. The performance of the
key components is discussed and a rough sketch of the plant is provided.

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