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V. S. Veeravalli, A. Steininger:
"Study of a Delayed Single-Event Effect in the Muller C-element";
Poster: 21st IEEE European Test Symposium, Amsterdam; 2016-05-24 - 2016-05-27; in: "Proc 21st IEEE European Test Symposium", (2016), ISBN: 978-1-4673-9659-2.

English abstract:
We study the behavior of the Muller C-element, a
fundamental building block in asynchronous design, under SETs.
Beyond the expected reactions to the injected SETs - namely
immediate state flip or pulse at the output - we also observed
an new kind of behavior for the Muller C-element, namely a
delayed state flip. In this paper we give a closer analysis of this
effect and identify its enabling conditions.

Muller C Element, single-event upset, single-event transient, fault model

Related Projects:
Project Head Andreas Steininger:
Analysis & Modeling of Single-Event-Transients in VLSI Chips

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