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C. Schauer, G. Raidl:
"A Multi-Commodity FLow Based Model for Multi Layer Hierarchical Ring Network Design";
Talk: International Network Optimization Conference (INOC), Warschau, Polen; 2015-05-18 - 2015-05-20; in: "Proceedings of INOC 2015 - 7th International Network Optimization Conference", (2016), ISSN: 1571-0653; 189 - 196.

English abstract:
We address the Multi Layer Hierarchical Ring Network Design Problem. The aim
of this problem is to connect nodes that are assigned to different layers using a
hierarchy of rings of bounded length. We present a multi-commodity flow based
mixed integer linear programming formulation and experimentally evaluate it on
various graphs. Instances up to 76 nodes and 281 edges could be solved to optimality.

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