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M. Meisel, S. Wilker, J. Fabini, R. Annessi, T. Zseby, M. Müllner, W. Kastner, M. Litzlbauer, W. Gawlik, C. Neureiter:
"Methodical Reference Architecture Development Progress";
Poster: D-A-CH Energieinformatik Konferenz, Klagenfurt (invited); 2016-09-29 - 2016-09-30.

English abstract:
The Reference Architecture for Secure Smartgrids Austria (RASSA) project aims at developing a secure, interoperable reference architecture for Austri- an smart grids. Building on the strength of the project´s consortium, this architecture is being specified in close coordination with all relevant stakeholders in Austria. By instantiating parts of the reference architecture, secure, and compatible smart grid components can be implemented in a consistent and efficient way. This paper shows the progress of this effort and illustrates methodical consequential benefits, as well as the potential to integrate reactive and active security attributes into the reference architecture.

Smart Grids, Reference Architecture, Enterprise Architect, UML

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Project Head Marcus Meisel:
Projekt "Architektur" als Teil der Initiative "Referenzarchitektur für sichere Smart Grids in Österreich"

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