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R. Gómez Vázquez, A. Otto, G. Liedl, R. Feichtenschlager, C. Stiglbrunner, S. Tatra:
"Simulation of the Dissimilar Joining Process of Aluminum and Steel by Laser Assisted Wetting";
Vortrag: 12th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes NUMIFORM 2016, University of Technology of Troyes, Troyes (France); 04.07.2016 - 07.07.2016.

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This paper shows an analysis of the transient dynamics during the dissimilar joining process of aluminum-steel along with a comparison of the final results with experimental data. The development of a multiphysical model within OpenFOAM ® simulation software comprising diffusion and reaction physics allowed to simultaneously obtain both, macro- and mesoscale effects, such as the surface wetting and the growth of the intermetallic layer.

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