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G. Gravogl, D. Müller, C. Knoll, P. Weinberger, R. Miletich, A. Werner:
"Pressure Dependence of Thermochemical Energy Storage Materials";
Poster: 32. Workshop Novel Materials and Superconductivity, Obertraun; 2017-02-12 - 2017-02-18.

English abstract:
Thermochemical energy storage (TCES) is a very promising method to store heat and release it again when needed. It is applicable for household purposes like heating or cooling often in combination with solar energy as well as industrial purposes to store waste heat efficiently.
The principle of TCES is based on reversible chemical reactions like in general:
A + ΔHR = B + C
This reaction contains three main steps:
.Charging (endothermic)
.Discharging (exothermic)

The pressure dependence of several model reactions is investigated and presented.

thermochemical energy storage materials, pressure dependence

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