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L. Salamakha, O. Sologub, C. Rizzoli, H. Michor, A. Gonçalves, P. Rogl, E. Bauer:
"Crystal structure and physical properties of UMo3B7";
Intermetallics, 85 (2017), 180 - 186.

English abstract:
A novel ternary compound, UMo3B7, has been synthesized by arc melting and annealing at 900C. Its crystal structure was determined from X-ray single crystal diffraction data (YMo3B7-type structure, space
group Pnma; a = 1.10310(8) nm, b = 0.30995(2) nm, c = 1.2792(1) nm, RF#^_{2} = 0.0205). The structure is composed of boron filled trigonal prisms as well as unfilled tetrahedra and tetragonal pyramids formed by metal atoms. With respect to boron atoms aggregation, it exhibits a well-developed two-dimensional boron network revealing infinite bands of edge linked boron hexagons. The relationship with the members of the structural series within the V-B system: VnBn+1 = (n-1)VB (CrB-type) + VB2 (AlB2-type) (n = 1, 2, 3, 5) is discussed. Specific heat, magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity measurements characterize UMo3B7 as a spin fluctuating system.

Uranium molybdenum boride, Crystal chemistry, Magnetic susceptibility

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