M. Fuhrmann, N. Euler-Rolle, M. Killian, M. Reinwald, S. Jakubek:
"Longitudinal tunnel ventilation control. Part 2: Non-linear observation and disturbance rejection";
Control Engineering Practice, 63 (2017), S. 44 - 56.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Tunnel ventilation control plays a key role in tunnel fire safety, nevertheless
there is considerable scope for improving conventional control schemes. This
paper proposes a practical approach on how to improve the disturbance attenuation
ability of longitudinal tunnel ventilation systems by adding a nonlinear
unknown input observer to an existing two-degrees-of-freedom control
scheme in order to establish active disturbance rejection. The focus of attention
is on tunnels using jet fans for fresh air supply. Conventional control
does not specifically take into account external disturbances that tunnels
are exposed to due to the momentum introduced by moving vehicles and
meteorological circumstances like wind load onto the portals, or meteorological
pressure differences between the portals. The proposed control scheme
provides promising simulation as well as experimental results of a real tunnel
implementation. The observer and rejection scheme´s convergence and
stability is analysed based on Lyapunov theory.

tunnel ventilation, jet fan control, disturbance rejection, unknown input observer, stability analysis

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