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H. Truong:
"Provisioning Application-oriented Slices of IoT, Network functions, and Clouds: Necessity, Feasibility, and Possible Tools?";
Talk: IBM Research - Almaden, San Jose, California, USA (invited); 2017-04-06.

English abstract:
Pay-per-use and elastic provisioning of cloud services are known. We have also observed trends on pay-per-use service provisioning for IoT data and network functions. We believe that eventually applications will easily acquire IoT, network functions, and cloud services together to establish a virtual, unified resource slice across various subsystems from different IoT, network and cloud providers. But this will require us to research and develop various programming and management utilities. In this talk, we will first discuss the necessity and feasibility of application-level resource slice provisioning. We then present our SINC - Slicing IoT, Network functions, and Clouds - as an approach for end-to-end IoT, network functions, and cloud resource provisioning for novel requirements from a wide range of applications. We will discuss main components of SINC and present several ongoing works on service engineering analytics for SINC, including harmonizing IoT, network functions, and cloud resources, supporting end-to-end monitoring and analytics, and testing uncertainties.

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