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R. Mittermayr, J. Blieberger:
"Deadlock and WCET Analysis of Barrier-Synchronized Concurrent Programs";
Computing, 103 (2021), 5; 749 - 770.

English abstract:
Kronecker algebra until now has been applied to concurrent programs that use semaphores and protected objects for synchronization. Like many other programming languages, Ada uses barriers, too. In this paper, we present a new synchronization construct for barriers. By applying this, we are able to statically analyze Ada multi-tasking programs that employ barriers for synchronization issues. It turns out that we can use our existing Kronecker algebra implementation completely unmodified for concurrent program graphs using such barrier synchronization primitives. In addition, we extend a static WCET technique such that our barrier synchronization primitive is supported.

Barrier synchronization, Worst-case execution time analysis, Deadlocks, Kronecker algebra, Concurrent systems, Multi-threaded programs

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