M. Gulka, E. Bourgeois, J. Hruby, P. Siyushev, G. Wachter, F. Aumayr, P. Hemmer, A. Gali, F. Jelezko, M. Trupke, M. Nesladek:
"Pulsed photoelectric coherent manipulation and detection of NV center spins in diamond";
Physical Review Applied, 7 (2017), S. 0440321 - 0440327.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We demonstrate hybrid photoelectric pulse protocols for reading the spin states of nitrogen-vacancy (N-V)
centers in diamond, compatible with coherent spin control and performed on shallow nitrogen-implanted
electronic grade diamond. The measurements are carried out on spin ensembles from 1000 to just five N-V
centers as a first step towards the fabrication of scalable photoelectric quantum chips. Specific microwave
protocols are developed that suppress background photocurrent related to ionization of NS
0 defects and
provide a high contrast and SNR. The technique is demonstrated on Rabi and Ramsey sequences.

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