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O. Scekic:
"Cyber-Human Smart Cities: The Internet of Things, People and Systems";
Keynote Lecture: 14th International Conference on Informatics and Information Technologies (CIIT 2017), Mavrovo, Macedonia (invited); 2017-04-07 - 2017-04-09.

English abstract:
Contemporary view on Smart City is very much static and infrastructure-centric, focusing on installation and subsequent management of Edge devices and analytics of data provided by these devices. While this still allows a more efficient management of the city's ICT infrastructure, optimizations and savings in different domains, the existing supporting software architectures are currently designed as single-purpose, vertically-siloed solutions. This effectively hinders an active involvement of a variety of stakeholders (e.g., citizens and businesses) who naturally form part of the city's ecosystem and have an inherent interest in jointly coordinating and influencing city-level activities towards a common benefit.

In this talk we present a value-driven architecture and the defining properties of the envisioned Smart City, characterized by complex coordinated activities involving the City's ICT services, stakeholders and their smart/pervasive devices. We look at the existing foundational technologies for provisioning, coordination and controllability of the said activities and discuss the required alignment steps towards the fulfillment of the stated vision.

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