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E. Zöchmann, R. Langwieser, S. Caban, M. Lerch, S. Pratschner, R. Nissel, C. Mecklenbräuker, M. Rupp:
"A Millimeter Wave Testbed for Repeatable High Velocity Measurements";
Talk: European Wireless 2017, Dresden, Germany; 05-17-2017 - 05-19-2017; in: "European Wireless 2017", (2017), ISBN: 978-3-8007-4426-8; 358 - 362.

English abstract:
Future applications of millimeter waves (mmWaves)
in vehicular scenarios ask for the characterization of the time-
variant wideband mmWave channel. For this contribution, we
manufactured and measured a proof of concept circuitry intended
to receive mmWave signals repeatably at velocities of up to 50
meters per second (=180km/h=112mph). Our design is based on
a rotating arm, spinning a small antenna platform around a
central pivot in a repeatable manner. Two single-channel rotary
joints are used for interfacing multiplexed I and Q components,
auxiliary carriers, as well as the DC power supply to and from
the small antenna platform at the end of the spinning arm. Our
custom designed RF circuitry withstands the accelerations caused
by centripetal forces of up to 250g. Measurements of scattering
parameters and phase noise show the applicability of our design.

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