Scientific Reports:

P. Mayer, P. Panek, B. Unger-Hrdlicka, A. Savanovic, A. Krpic, A. Skerlavaj, R. Grobin, A. Rist, M. Raffaelli:
"D1.2 Functional and Technical System Specifications";
Report for iToilet - ICT-enabled Toilet Supporting Active Life, AAL-JP, AAL-2015-1-084; 2016; 32 pages.

English abstract:
This document is Deliverable D1.2 "Functional and Technical System Specifications" of the iToilet (ICT-enhanced Toilet Supporting Active Life) project within Call 2015 of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme.
Deliverable D1.2 contains the coarse technical concept based on gathering of user requirements and the prioritised findings presented in D1.1.
During the development, separate deliverables D2.X will document the technical specification of the different parts.

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