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A. Sobjak, T. Pilissy, G. Fazekas, A. Tóth, R. Rosenthal, T. Lüftenegger, P. Mayer, P. Panek:
"D1.3 Plan for Laboratory Trials";
Report for iToilet - ICT-enabled Toilet Supporting Active Life, AAL-JP, AAL-2015-1-084; 2017; 59 pages.

English abstract:
This document is Deliverable D1.3 "Plan for Laboratory Trials" of the iToilet (ICTenhanced Toilet Supporting Active Life) project within Call 2015 of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme.
Deliverable D1.3 contains the planning of the laboratory trials with a focus on the involvement of the users in the actual test of the prototypes. The plan has been elaborated in close cooperation with the technical partners. The D1.3 contributes with all user related issues to the upcoming evaluation in task T3.2.

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Project Head Wolfgang Zagler:
ICT-enhanced Toilet Supporting Active Life

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