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A. Tjoa, M. Rabiee:
"From Abstraction to Implementation: Can Computational Thinking Improve Complex Real-World Problem Solving? A Computational Thinking-Based Approach to the SDGs";
Talk: ICT4D 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; 2017-05-22 - 2017-05-24; in: "Information and Communication Technologies for Development", Springer, (2017), 104 - 116.

English abstract:
Utilizing concepts derived from computational thinking-a method of thinking coined by Jeanette Wing-a problem-solving paradigm is presented to demonstrate the applicability of thinking computationally beyond the realm of computer science. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used as a set of real world problems to elaborate the function of the proposed four-stage paradigm. The paradigm seeks to provide a method of approaching problems with the aim of finding local and contextualized solutions that reach all members of different societies. This paper also serves as the foundation of further research in the development of computational thinking as a fundamental tool for finding solutions in a broad scope of disciplines and real-world situations.

Computational thinking, SDGs Problem solving, Global network

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