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J. Fluch, V. Wilk, D. Lange, D. Wertz, C. Brunner, A. Grubbauer, P. Königshofer, T. Ramschak, T. Fleckl, K. Ponweiser:
"Evaluation of innovative integration concepts of combined solar thermal and heat pump systems for efficient thermal supply of industrial processes - based on case studies and the results of the project EnPro";
Talk: 11th ISES Eurosun Conference, Palma (Mallorca); 2016-09-11 - 2016-09-14; in: "Proceedings of 11th ISES Eurosun Conference", (2016).

Related Projects:
Project Head Karl Ponweiser:
Erneuerbare Prozesswärme-Integration von Solarthermie und Wärmepumpen in industrielle Prozesse

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