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S. Schwarz:
"Outage-Based Multi-User Admission Control for Random-Phase Finite-Scatterer MISO Channels";
Talk: IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), Toronto; 09-24-2017 - 09-27-2017; in: "Proceedings of the 86th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2017-Fall", (2017), 1 - 5.

English abstract:
We consider downlink multi-input single-output
transmission in multi-cell mobile wireless networks. We consider
a finite-scatterer directional channel model with imperfect channel
state information at the transmitter. Specifically, we assume
imperfect knowledge of the signal angles of departure of the
scattering components, as well as uncertainty about the relative
phase-shifts between the signals arriving over these scattering
multipath components. For this situation we determine the outage
probability of linear beamforming at the transmitters and utilize
the results for multi-user scheduling and admission control. The
considered channel model relates to Rician fading and to twowave
with diffuse power fading for the special cases of a single
specular component and two specular components, respectively.

Outage probability, Rician fading, two-wave with diffuse power fading, imperfect channel state information

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