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S. Dustdar:
"Cyber-Human Partnerships - Towards a resilient ecosystem in Smart Cities";
Keynote Lecture: International Society for Information Studies Summit 2017 (IS4SI 2017), Gothenburg, Sweden (invited); 2017-06-12 - 2017-06-16.

English abstract:
In this talk I will explore one of the most relevant challenges for a decade to come: How to integrate the Internet of Things with software, people, and processes, considering modern Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Big Data. I will present a fresh look at this problem, and examine how to integrate people, software services, and things with their data, into one novel ecosystem, which can be modeled, programmed, and deployed on a large scale in an elastic way. This novel paradigm has major consequences on how we view, build, design, and deploy ultra-large scale distributed systems and establishes a novel foundation for an "architecure of value" driven Smart City.

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