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S. Murzin, G. Liedl, R. Bielak:
"Redistribution of the laser beam power using diffractive optical elements";
in: "Proceedings of SPIE - Optical Technologies for Telecommunications, vol. 10342", 103420G; V. Andreev, A. Bourdine, V. Burdin, O. Morozov, A. Sultanov (ed.); issued by: SPIE; SPIE, Pellingham, Washington, USA, 2017, ISBN: 9781510611337, 45 - 52.

English abstract:
The use of laser technologies in the production of optical fiber requires a careful choice of optical systems for positioning and transforming the laser beam. The purpose of this research is to determine a possibility of the redistribution of the laser beam power using diffractive optical elements. It was determined that for a radius of the focusable beam Rf = rf =2.210-2 m, the length of the focal spot will be increased to a value L =13.610-3 m, which is 1.2 times larger than Rf = rf =1.810-2 m. In this case, the intensity of the laser beam at the centre of the focal spot, q0 , and the maximum value, qmax , decreased by 1.1 times. An approximation of function q(x, y) by polynomials of degree n =5 and m =3 was performed. It is shown that the maximal relative error of approximation does not exceed 4%, and the relative error of approximation in the centre of the focal spot does not exceed 3%. Presented equations can be used to calculate the intensity distribution in the focal plane of diffractive optical elements

Laser beam, intensity distribution

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