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A. Amor-Amoros, P. Federico, S. Miksch, S. Zambanini, S. Brenner, R. Sablatnig:
"Visual Analytics for Multitemporal Aerial Image Georeferencing";
Talk: 8th International EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA), Barcelona, Spain; 2017-06-12 - 2017-06-13; in: "Proceedings of the EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA)", M. Sedlmair, C. Tominski (ed.); (2017), ISBN: 978-3-03868-042-0; 55 - 59.

English abstract:
Georeferencing of multitemporal aerial imagery is a time-consuming and challenging task that typically requires a high degree of human intervention, and which appears in application domains of critical importance, like unexploded ordnance detection. In order to make a semi-automatic scenario possible, we introduce a Visual Analytics approach for multitemporal aerial image georeferencing designed in close collaboration with real-world analysts that face the problem on a daily basis, and implemented by combining computer vision and interactive visual exploration methods. We report on informal validation findings resulting from the integration of our solution into our users´ GIS platform of choice, which positively illustrate its effectiveness and time-saving potential.

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