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G. Gourlis, P. Smolek, B. Heinzl, I. Leobner, I. Kovacic:
"From BIM Models to Integrated Energy Efficiency Applications for Industrial Facilities";
Talk: Joint Conference on Computing in Construction (JC3), Heraklion; 2017-07-04 - 2017-07-07; in: "Lean and Computing in Construction Congress (LC3): Volume I - Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Computing in Construction (JC3)", (2017), 245 - 253.

English abstract:
Raised interest in efficient use of available resources in industrial facilities prompts for software-tools to predict and manage energy demand of the whole system. An integrated approach considering all energy consumption contributors, classified into building, energy system, production and logistics, is developed within the research project Balanced Manufacturing (BaMa). Thereby BIM models of industrial spaces containing valuable information are used for creating a comprehensive representation of building-related aspects in a hybrid simulation environment, able to assess manufacturing and auxiliary energy demands.For testing the applicability of this integrated hybrid approach, a prototype is developed based on an actual use case. The simplification procedure is presented and the energy performance results are compared with that of an established building energy modelling software, discussing advantages and limitations. Essential information that needs to be transferred from the BIM model is clarified and prioritised.

Energy Efficient Production, Building Energy Modelling, Waste Heat Emissions, Hybrid Simulation

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