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D. Vernon, M. Vincze:
"Industrial Priorities for Cognitive Robotics";
Talk: EUCognition Meeting Cognitive Robot Architectures 2016, Wien; 12-08-2016 - 12-09-2016; in: "EUCognition 2016 - European Society for Cognitive Systems", (2016), 4 pages.

English abstract:
We present the results of a survey of industrial
developers to determine what they and their customers require
from a cognitive robot. These are cast as a series of eleven
functional abilities:
1) Safe, reliable, transparent operation.
2) High-level instruction and context-aware task execution.
3) Knowledge acquisition and generalization.
4) Adaptive planning.
5) Personalized interaction.
6) Self-assessment.
7) Learning from demonstration.
8) Evaluating the safety of actions.
9) Development and self-optimization.
10) Knowledge transfer.
11) Communicating intentions and collaborative action.

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