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S. Murzin, N. Kazanskiy, G. Liedl, A. Otto, R. Bielak:
"Laser beam shaping for modification of materials with ferritic-martenistic structure";
Vortrag: 3rd International Conference Information Technology and Nanotechnology, ITNT, Samara, RF; 25.04.2017 - 27.04.2017; in: "Procedia Engineering", Elsevier, 201 (2017), S. 164 - 168.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A identify conditions of laser heating for warm forming of materials with a ferritic-martensitic structure was performed. The laser
source was a fiber laser with maximum output power of 1500 W. The beam was transformed to an elliptical ring with use a
plano-convex lens and axicon. Study of the microstructure allowed revealing fibrous structure of metal, formed during the manufacture of blanks by rolling. Place of plastic deformation is characterized by a local decrease the thickness profile. To eliminate of this defect, is advisable to use the diffractive optical elements, which redistribute the power density of a laser beam.

aser action; beam shaping; diffractive optical elements; structure; dual phase steel

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