Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

S. Gomez:
"60 GHz WIFI as Autonomous Cruise Control";
Supervisor: M. Rupp, E. Zöchmann; Institute of Telecommunications, 2017; final examination: 07-31-2017.

English abstract:
The aim of this Master thesis is proving the feasibility of the standard IEEE 802.11ad
to operate in a vehicular environment. The importance of the applications tested in
this thesis is meaningful to increase the safety conditions at roads.
The transmitter was implemented according to the IEEE 802.11ad standard. The
transmitter and the receiver are tested in several environments, where the main
problem is to extract useful information, such as the position or the vehicles speed
from the environment and share that information to increase safety. The tests show
that the variety of modulation and coding schemes and the autocorrelation properties
of the signals let the system offer a wide variety of throughputs guarantying the
detection properties of the system and, therefore, assuring the collection of reliable
information about the speed and the position of the vehicles.
The results seem promising for this applications concluding that 802.11ad is a
good candidate for being a vehicular communication solution.

mm Waves, 60GHz

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