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C. Biegler, C. Lemmerer, P. Schieder, W. Sihn:
"Managing global production networks: Integrating performance measurement into agent based simulation to support strategic decision making";
Vortrag: MOTSP 2017 - 9th International Scientific Conference, Dubrovnik; 05.04.2017 - 07.04.2017; in: "Management of Technology - Step to Sustainable Production", P. Cosic et al. (Hrg.); Croatian Association for PLM, Zagreb (2017), ISSN: 1849-7586; Paper-Nr. 115, 8 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In a globalized economy, companies face increasing challenges in improving their production networks. The management of these networks is a complex task, where individual target systems and a multi-criterial view including factors of sustainability have to be taken into account. To meet these requirements, a performance measurement system for production networks will be presented. This system is embedded into an agent based, discrete event and unitized simulation model to evaluate the performance of different configurations
of production networks.

Production networks, decision making, agent based simulation, performance measurement

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