Scientific Reports:

H. Fechner, N. Prüggler, P. Eder-Neuhauser:
"National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Austria 2011";
2012; 31 pages.

English abstract:
Supported by various promotion mechanisms of the federal provinces and the federal
government a new stronger market diffusion of photovoltaic (PV) systems could be reached
in Austria in 2011. As a result grid-connected plants with a total capacity of 90,98 MWp and
stand-alone systems with a total capacity of 0,69 MWp were installed during the year.
Hence, in 2011 the total PV market in Austria increased to 91,67 MWp which led to a
cumulated total installed capacity of 187,17 MWp. As a consequence the estimated
renewable electricity produced by PV amounted to 174 GWh in 2011 and lead to a reduction
in CO 2 - emissions by 71 856 tons.
The Austrian photovoltaic industry has a broad standing covering production of PV modules,
cells, inverters and tracking system as well as other PV components and devices.
Furthermore, there is a high density of installers of PV systems and significant trade of
modules takes place. Finally, specialized institutions and universities play an important role
in international photovoltaic research & development (R&D). An estimated 4 200 people are full-time employed in those sectors.

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