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S. Rizkalla, R. Prestros, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Characterizing Chip's Behavior of HF RFID Cards during Load Modulation";
Talk: IEEE RFID - Technology and Applications Conference, Warsaw, Poland; 09-20-2017 - 09-22-2017; in: "IEEE RFID - Technology and Applications Conference", (2017), 175 - 179.

English abstract:
The chip (Integrated circuit) is the most complex element on an HF RFID card which is composed of multiple stages and transistors. The communication between the card and reader is achieved through load modulation. This means that the chip changes its load's value from high to low, thus, modifying the matching of the card and the reflection to the reader. We have determined, in an earlier work, the chip's circuit model while not communicating. This work is the first to measure the chip's equivalent circuit during load modulation. We extended our previous approach denoted as \enquote{De-embedding Transformer-based Method} to measure chip's resistive value during load modulation and determine the dynamic range through which the chip is capable of communicating. Results of an actual chip is presented and verified.

HF RFID, inductive coupling, load modulation, module, chip, integrated circuit, de-embedding, transformer, coil

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