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S. Rizkalla, R. Prestros, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Bode-Fano-based Approach for Analyzing Capabilities of Low Cost HF RFID Card Designs";
Talk: COST CA15104 IRACON 5th MC meeting and 5th technical meeting, Graz; 09-12-2017 - 09-14-2017.

English abstract:
Novel designs for HF RFID cards comprise an intermediate circuit between the main coil and chip, such that the chip is not physically connected to the coil on card which reduces costs of production, enhances card's robustness against mechanical stress and improves communication capabilities. Based on the Bode-Fano limit, we carry out a theoretical analysis on the bandwidth capabilities of such type of cards and their derivatives. We verify these results through simulations and measurements of our own design, denoted as booster-based cards. Measurements on three booster-based card prototypes are carried out showing the various bandwidth and power capabilities of the cards. Additionally, a comparison between the performance of such type of cards with respect to the conventional ones is presented.

HF, RFID, coil, inductive coupling, booster, booster-based cards, chip, module, Bode-Fano, bandwidth, non-galvanic.

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