Publications in Scientific Journals:

D. Tskhakaya:
"One-dimensional plasma sheath model in front of the divertor plates";
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 59 (2017), 1140011 - 11400119.

English abstract:
A new model of the stationary electrostatic plasma sheath in front of divertor plates is developed,
which takes into account strong inelastic processes. Using particle-in-cell simulations and
analytic estimates it is demonstrated, that the properties of the tokamak divertor plasma sheath
can significantly deviate from the properties of the classical sheath model. The most significant
deviations are the increased energy flux to the plates and non-monotonic potential and ion
velocity profiles in the presheath. Two main reasons for these deviations are identified: strong
inelastic collisionality of the plasma presheath and the presence of super-thermal plasma
particles originating from the upstream scrape-off layer.

plasma sheath, SOL, PIC simulation

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