N. Klikovits, R. Liska, A. DŽAnna, M. Sangermano:
"Successful UV-​Induced RICFP of Epoxy-​Composites";
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 218 (2017), 18; S. 1700313 - 1700316.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The UV-​curing of epoxy monomers by cationic photopolymn. is a powerful method for the prodn. of polymer materials. The limit of film thickness in cationic photopolymn. of epoxy monomers has been recently overcome by introducing a novel radical induced cationic frontal polymn. (RICFP) system within this research group. The possibility to cure epoxides in bulk by UV-​light promoted here presents the novel approach to photocured composites. In the present work, the recently established RICFP system is applied on SiO2-​filled epoxy formulations based on bisphenol-​A diglycidyl ether. The influence of filler content on frontal propagation is examd. in RICFP expts. The composite materials are also investigated by dynamic mech. thermal anal. to det. mech. properties of the frontally polymd. products.

The UV-​curing of epoxy monomers, polymer materials, a novel radical induced cationic frontal polymn., SiO2-​filled epoxy formulations based on bisphenol-​A diglycidyl ether

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