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D. Krimer, B. Hartl, F. Mintert, S. Rotter:
"Optimal control of non-Markovian dynamics in a single-mode cavity strongly coupled to an inhomogeneously broadened spin ensemble";
Physical Review A, 96 (2017), 043837-1 - 043837-10.

English abstract:
Ensembles of quantum-mechanical spins offer a promising platform for quantum memories, but proper functionality requires accurate control of unavoidable system imperfections. We present an efficient control scheme for a spin ensemble strongly coupled to a single-mode cavity based on a set of Volterra equations relying solely on weak classical control pulses. The viability of our approach is demonstrated in terms of explicit storage and readout sequences that will serve as a starting point towards the realization of more demanding full quantum-mechanical optimal control schemes.

cavity quantum electrodynamics, coherent control, hybrid quantum systems, spin ensembles

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