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S. Theis, I. Iturmendi, C. Gorsche, M. Orthofer, M. Lunzer, S. Baudis, A. Ovsianikov, R. Liska, U. Monkowius, I. Teasdale:
"Metallo-​Supramolecular Photocleavable Gels Sensitive to Visible and Near Infrared Irradiation";
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 56 (2017), 50; 15857 - 15860.

English abstract:
A photolabile ruthenium-based complex
[Ru(bpy)2(4AMP)2](PF6)2 is presented. The metal centre was
incorporated into polyurea organo and hydrogels via the reactive amine moieties on the photocleavable 4-(aminomethyl)pyridine (4AMP) ligands. While showing long-term stability in the dark, cleavage of the pyridine-ruthenium bond upon irradiation with visible and near infrared irradiation (in a two-photon process) leads to rapid degelation of the supramolecular gels, thus enabling spatiotemporal micropatterning by photomasking or pulsed NIR-laser irradiation.

A photolabile ruthenium-based complex, polyurea organo and hydrogels

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